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Rozan / Rivet Nuts

Om Precision fasteners Rivetnuts are used to attach various items, such as static wicks and inspection access covers, of an aircraft.

Hex Clinch Nuts

Om Precision fasteners Hex clinch nuts are designed with a hex pilot to prevent rotation in a hex hole.

Self Clinching Studs

Om Precision fasteners Self Clinching Studs is a threaded fastener which incorporates a knurled platform under the head.

Wise Words

Om Precision fasteners “Quality With Consistency” is not only our motto but also regularly achieved success by us which keeps our clients and suppliers for more satisfied than others. Om Precision fasteners

Fasteners Manufacturer

Om precision has been incorporated with a sole purpose of providing QUALITY & VARIETY OF FASTENERS AT COMPETITIVE PRICES. Within a short period, Omprecision has created name of itself in Indian market with customers spreading all over India.

Product Range - Precision Fasteners, Rivet Nut, Self Cliching Nuts, Rivet Nuts, Self Clinching Studs, Hex Clinch Nuts, Cage Nuts, Nustsets-CSK, Pop Rivets, Self Tapping Inserts, Brass Insert Helical, Tool for Nutserts.

Om precision has capacity to supply 2 million fasteners in various types & sizes every month. Our products are manufactured in accordance with DIN Standards. We are also in the process of getting ISO 9001 Certification soon.

Om Precision fasteners